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Help me figure out the best way to make armor for Lady Eui please. Answered

I'm in need of help. I am fine with sewing, but armor and other cosplay props are not in my skill set.  I also have a tendency to be a bit of a perfectionist and go all in and over the top with my work. To give an example, I spent about 4 months of hand bead work on one of my previous cosplays.   The character I need help with is Lady Eucliwood Hellscythe from the anime Is This a Zombie? I have pics. I really need the armor, but I would love help with her scythe too.


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3 years ago

This looks like a fairly simple armor to make. Most of it is largely plate-based with few curves, so I would do most of it with EVA foam, which can be bought in sheets online in varying thickness, or at home centers like home depot as snap together floor tiles.

I recommend making loose paper templates for the armor, then use those to guide in cutting the foam out correctly. Bevel the edges where the pieces attache together to make good connections.

A heat gun like is used to strip paint allows you to bend the foam fairly effectively. Hot glue or rubber cement makes a good adhesive for this material.

To finish it, sand any joints smooth with high grit sand paper and an electric sander, then coat in several coats of a rubberized sealant like plasti-dip.

Fine details can be burned into the material with a soldering iron. To paint that armor I would say a gloss grey paint with matte black dry brushing and silver accents.

To back the armor and hold it together into a cohesive suit I recommend heavy cloth behind the foam, attached with hot glue. Buy nylon strap and use it to make the mounting straps, for something lightweight like this you can use heavy wire to make your own buckles.

The most complicated piece will be the curve of the bust on the chestplate I would use thinner foam to make that part, then once you form it to the shape you need with the heat gun you can reinforce it from the back side to hold it's shape. You may need to make a body cast from tape and pack it with paper or foam in order to get a solid surface to mold a good shape on. Alternatively, you can try to use a material called WonderFlex to form the chestplate.

As far as the scythe goes I would cut out the blade shape from thin wood, reinforce it with some metal strips, put a sheet of foam on both sides, then finish as described above. Use a piece of PVC pipe for the handle.

Cool armor on this character actually, good choice to learn how to do costume armor. I feel sorry for you having to deal with the wig for this cosplay though, that looks like its going to be a pain.