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Help me find a servo speed controller! Answered

I'm motorizing my camera slider (https://vimeo.com/39175570) in order to use it for time-lapses. I'm using a gear motor, a 8ft circumference timing belt (for 4ft of motion), and a motor speed controller. 
I am getting the parts from ServoCity.com and McMaster-Carr. 
This is the motor I'm planning on using:
And here is the speed controller I want to use:
A video of it working:

Although that speed controller would work perfectly for what I'm doing, it's $80. Does anyone in this community know a cheaper place to find a similar device? From what I can tell it works like most speed controllers, by pulse-width modulation. Whatever that is.

Here's kind of what I'm looking for: http://www.electronickits.com/kit/complete/motor/k166.htm. This may work fine, but it seems overbuilt for the purpose. Would it still work fine on a smaller motor like I'm going to use?

Thanks for the help!



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