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Help me make a bookcase door to a secret room Answered

Scooby-Doo movies became famous for it, spy movies have been known to have them, Batman had one, and yet...
I used to live in Kansas, before I moved to Arizona, and while I was there I visited a place called Science City. It is basically an indoor amusement park with funky gizmos like a hologram of a fist sized diamond behind a painting, and a rocking chair that doubles as a power generator. But the thing that interested me most was a wall that revolved at the center, becoming a door that would lead to another room. I asked some of the employees about it, but it must be a trade secret since they all said they couldn't, or wouldn't tell me. One of them even denied the existence of such a wall! Ever since then, I have seen various recreations like this in spy and mystery movies. I think that this would be the coolest thing ever. You see, when you turn the wall around, one side is a fake bookcase, the other is a blank wall. It turns 180 degrees, then you have to turn it the other way. I want one of those in a cabin that my family is building up in the mountains. Since it would have to be custom built, I would need a very good idea of where to start. Anything in the way of advice, answers, or even speculations anyone could give me would be absolutely great.
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5 years ago

the easiest thing you could do of this type is to make your door into a bookcase .

I would fill it with dummy books ( hardbacks around foam ) this would cut down on weight. Once I got the door finished I would build a matching bookcase on the opposite side of where the door hinges are. I would make them both match as much as possible. You should be able to open the door 90°

This,isnt exactly what you were going for but its a lot simpler then making a,rotating wall.


8 years ago

I have given some thought on this subject. I think if you was to hinged it from the end instead of the middle, it would be easier. One thing you have to consider is the weight of books. They are very heavy. So if you did build it, you would have to make sure it can support the weight. One way I thought of was to have the bookcase swing inward from behind the trim, and support the end opposite from the hinged end with a wheel. This way the wheel wouldn't over time mark the floor in front of the bookcase as to the fact the bookcase moved.

As for the latch you might consider the magnetic safety latch to prevent children from opening cabinet doors. The latch is totally hidden and the magnet activates the release when held in the correct place.