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Help me make a murphy bed in my loft! Answered

I am the proud new owner of a work/live loft! Yay! Now I need a place to sleep and stow my bed during the day.

I saw the following bed here: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-toggling-bed/step7/null/

It's pretty nifty! I want to use this basic idea for my bed, but I need to address several points:
  • Bed needs to suit a memory-foam bed and box-spring. Total weight: Around 175 lbs.
  • Bed needs to be easy to fold against the wall. The plans above use a lightweight screw to accomplish this, and I think I need something more heavy-duty.
  • I plan to build in a couple of sassy extras such as mood-LED-lighting, as well as a booklight into the frame.
I've been lurking here on Instructables for... geez... and embarassing number of years at this point, and now that I have a twee amount of cash and my own pad, I can FINALLY break free of my Ikea-days and move on to projects like this.

Help me out with your knowledge of things like hinges, supports, and folding things, Instructables community!


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8 years ago

Never had a Murphy Bed but I would suggest that you get rid of the box spring, alot of unnessasary weight. I always thought you had to have one, the salesmen only want to sell as a set. But the truth is you do not need to have one if the bed frame supports the mattress. Look on here for DIY low waste bed and you will be inspired.


Reply 8 years ago

Just checked this out: https://www.instructables.com/id/Cheap-easy-low-waste-platform-bed/


This is a terrific Instructable. Thanks Redneck Engineer! I'm IN and using it. This will reduce the total weight of the bed to closer to 150 lbs without the boxspring.

Let's say I use this structure as the foundation for the bed. I now have to work out how I'm going to work out the swinging mechanism so that the bed folds into and out of its rack.

At the pivot point, nearest the wall, this hinge needs to be able to support  lots of weight. To make it easier to fold in and out, I think there should be some kind of shock absorber or something.

As for the mounting wall I'm working with, I'm moving into an old jeweler's vault and office space. It's a weird space because jewelers are paranoid people, and rightfully so. I've got an insanely cool set of 2 1940's  10' deep safes (this is where I would LOVE to mount this bed, but this will probably be incredibly difficult), as well as my choice of masonry or "bulletproof" drywall. I plan to mount this bed into the drywall because I think it will be easier to mount with the tools I have.