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Help me make a sturdy desk organizer box from 8mm MDF wood. Answered

I'm trying to organize the bar area in my restaurant. I'm thinking of an front open box with a couple of dividers for temporary papers, notebooks pens and a compartment for beer and wine openers and such.. This is the waiters (currently just me the owner) places orders on the computer. I want to minimize the space taken from the bar so I'd like to use thin wood like this leftover 8mm MDF piece I have. I thought of cutting the sides to required sizes and then gluing them together but I'm not sure that would be strong enough to hold the approximately 5kg screen on top. It's a touch screen, so for safety I want it to hold a maximum of 8kg. TL;DR Any suggestions? How do I join pieces to make something like this


world of woodcraft

3 years ago


There are a few ways to make this. Can I ask what tools you have access to?
With a router or a table saw you could create channels and slot the whole thing together and use glue an clamps.
If not and if your not as worried about how it looks then you could make supports out of bits of wood or cut double thickness with reveals where you want your shelves ect.
I think the back of the box will defiantly give it rigidity. Typically I would cut a rebate into the sides to hold the bottoms of my boxes together.. with this the bottom would be the back in terms of where the rebate would go.. I suspect you could just glue and screw / more likely tack into place whilst the glue cures.

It should be doable with fairly modest tools but I think its worth mentioning you should work in a well ventalated place with dust collection an a respirator or at least a mask.. MDF is pretty brutal stuff on your lungs..

If you make something cool you might consider as a next step veneering some interesting wood onto the MDF to make it look really cool or painting it in an interesting way.. maby adding some hardware to it.

If you want to see someone doing a fantastic job with a lot more tools than you are likely to have but still worth watching for how they fit the carcus together check out Jimmy Deresta ... he is a hero https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vXP5GEhT98