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Help me make this stencil Answered

I want to make a stencil like in the picture

Im new to stencils and can not figure out how to only paint the black part and leave the rest untouched. 
Is there an easier way than cutting out tape in the letters I need and remove afterwards?
The black circle will I make like a regular stencil, but it is the inner part which I find tricky.

Hope you can help me.

Thank you



4 years ago

Put a piece of A4 paper over your screen and trace around the edges, this will give you a hard copy.

Now all you need is a 2D modelling program and measure everything.

Put the measurements into the program and print it out.

hope this helps!


4 years ago

I would try the modge podge and embroidery hoop method.
Works really well on fabric, but i've had it work on plastic as well. However if you're spray painting then I think the tape might be your only answer.