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Help me to find me Ground and Voltage on my Cpy ... Answered

Hello Guys , i need your help .  I want made that : (Hot plate ) https://www.instructables.com/id/Hot-Plate/?ALLSTEPS

And i have a Cpu but i dont know where is the Ground and Volt pin . information about me Cpu :
Intel® Celeron® Processor in the 478-Pin Package
Datasheet : ftp://download.intel.com/support/processors/celeron/sb/29074802.pdf

If anybody can help me =D


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7 years ago

On your CPU, pages 54 and 55 are depicting the layout of the
(+) positive Vcc pins
(-) negative Vss pins
While confusing for most, the concept of looking through the top of the CPU,
down into a printed circuit, is an EASY view concept.

Looking down here are the
Vcc and Vss pins
AF21      AF20
AF19      AF18
AF17      AF16
AF15      AF14
AF13      AF12
AF11      AF10
AF9        AF8
AF7        AF6
AF5        AF1

AE20    AE26
AE18    AE24
AE16    AE22
AE14    AE19
AE12    AE17
AE10    AE15
AE8      AE13
AE6      AE11
--------   AE9
--------   AE7

etc etc down to row (A)

Vcc and Vss pins
A20        A26
A18        A24
A16        A21
A14        A19
A12        A17
A10        A15
A8          A13
---------  A11
---------  A9
---------  A3

This is all the work I'm willing to do for  your best answer..
You will have to identify the rest of the pins
on rows B,C,D,E, - ,AD,AE  yourself
and to locate them looking at the pin side
to solder using a high temperature solder for that hot plate !!!!!!!!!!



7 years ago

i am sorry for saying this but could you please be a bit more specific because i have virtually no experience with cpu but i want to make this hot plate