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Help me to make a led panel Answered

hello guys.. I want to build a led board for my planted aquarium... the total watt requirement is 84 watt.. so I decided to add 16 5watt 12 volt smd led chip... but I hv some confusion about the circuit.. plss help me to build the board.. its urgent...



1 year ago

Well, in theory, it would work. 16 times 5 watts is 80, so power is good. What do you need help with on the control circuit? Are these RGB LEDs? Give a little more info and we can help out a little more.

i want to add them in a parallel circuit... since the watt is 80 watt and the volt is 12v then the current should be 6.66 amp... is it possible to use a 12v 5amp. driver with a capacitor and bridge rectifire...? and these r not rgb leds.


1 year ago

"Haste makes waste..." Hopefully you have the plans for the driver board or circuit that is required for those Led chips or at least the datasheet to help figure that out. Since they are high output, you will need to have an adequate power supply and heat sinks to cool down those lights. Good luck.