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Help me understand car radio and speakers? Answered

Okay so I bought a Scosche radio that is capable of 120W Peak (No clue what that means) Says 30W x4 which means each speaker can be 30W Correct? Well I did not know this and there are also (2) 5.25" 200W Scosche Speakers in the front and (2) 6"x9" 300W Schosche Speakers in the back. So my questions are:

1. Why does my car stereo work fine when the car is just in accessory mode?
2. Why does the car crackle and lose sound when it is on and I am driving?
3. Would I be able to use an AMP to gain more access to power for the speakers?
4. Do I need a different stereo?
5. If I can use an AMP, do I get a 1000W 4-Channel AMP?

Here are the links for my speakers:


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Best Answer 3 years ago

120 W is how loud the radio can be. W=Watts a measure of power.

It seems they are splitting this over 4 x 30 watt speakers 30x4=120 W

120 watts is more than you will be able to stand inside the car - It is also a peak value so the undistorted level will be somewhat lower then 120 W.

Your radio will probably drive your speakers Ok - In general the power quoted for amplifiers is wildly incorrect as if the power handling capability of speakers.

Q 2 A connection is loose as you drive it is connecting on and off.

Q3. Yas I guess you could find a suitable power amp but WHY? You already should have more power then you could possibly stand without harming your hearing.

Q4 1000 watts !!! You really want to go deaf don't you.

Just be happy with what you have and listen to better music.


Answer 3 years ago

Thank you! I like loud music, I would like my speakers to have the best quality sound possible. Also, I forgot to mention. even when the car is not driving, it can just be running and the sound still crackles. I will try to post a video showing what it does if you need a better understanding.