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Help me with my school project! Take my Survey - Soldering Iron Redesign Answered

Hi guys,

I'm looking for some help on project. I've been assigned to redesign a soldering iron and research on how to make this tool better with input from users.  I am looking for first timers or beginners who have just been introduced to soldering and I'll gear my improvements towards their needs.  My primary design goal is to lessen the learning curve by addressing issues of safety and comfort.  I also hope to gain some insight into people's initial reaction to the tool and it's function if it's a completely new object for them. 

I have posted a survey as part of my research and would love the input. All input is welcomed regardless of experience. Thank you for your help!

Soldering Iron Design Survey

1. What is your experience and skill level? ( None, beginner, average, expert)

2. Did you have any concerns about safety when you first used a soldering iron?

3. Did you ever burn yourself?

4. What were some problems you encountered when you first used a soldering iron?

5. Did you find the soldering iron awkward to hold because of the weight of the cable dangling out the back?

6. On a scale of 1 -5 how comfortable is it to hold and use? (5 being very comfortable). Any particular reason?

7. Would making the soldering iron more comfortable and secure to hold give you more confidence when soldering?

8. Which aspects of a soldering iron besides functionality do you consider being the most important? eg. comfort, safety etc.

Thanks for your help! 


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10 years ago

  1. Average
  2. Nope
  3. Of course
  4. It wasn't clean enough. The end was all crusty and I hadn't been taught how to clean it
  5. No
  6. 5 (we have a very expensive one at work)
  7. Not applicable to me.
  8. I appreciate when it heats up fast, the tip should be able to be hot swapped (excuse the pun) without having to wait for it to cool down, and I love the stand on ours at work, it has a motorised sponge for cleaning.
Tool Using Animal
Tool Using Animal

10 years ago

1. above average, but not expert.

2. No

3. Yes, lots of times

4.First used? Tip gunking up, cold joints, over heating

5. yes, still annoys me (but rechargables suck)

6. 2, I've a cheap pencil iron, it's rigid plastic, with zero ergonomics.

7 It would be more pleasant.

8. haven't a clue