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Help me with nrf24l01 please Answered

do someone know how to make a wireless headset walkie talkie with nrf24l01 ? or anyone here have done this before? what are the things i need and things to do? teach me please I really want to make two (2) Wireless Headset Walkie talkies .

any suggestion would be appreciated


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2 years ago

You do know the difference between a radio and a radio?
These days the terms fade a bit but if you want a walkie talkie then opt for something that is not a data transmitter but instead an audio transmitter.
Sure, you can use some 32bit CPU, some code and digitise what comes in from a microphone.
Compress the data in real time and let it run through a standard data transmission.
But I guess there was a reason someone invented something as simple as walkie talkie...

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

2 years ago

You've seen this one,
by Ohoilett, right?

I think that 'ible answers most of the questions in your post.

Has anyone here done this? Yes. Ohoilett has done this, sort of. He has prototyped it out on a breadboard or two, with Arduino UNOs, plus wireless modules. So what he came up with is not exactly wearable yet, but he said he was facing a deadline.

Your questions about necessary hardware, and what to do with it, are also answered in that 'ible.

Also note, I suspect a lot of the heavy lifting here is being done by an Arduino library made for utilizing this IC, and the library is called "nRF24 audio transmission library", or something like that. So if you search for chatter about that specific library, you might find yourself looking at other similar projects.

By the way, there may be others out there who have written newer, better, tutorials for this. I have not looked veryhard to find everything out there under the sun, but you should search hard for these, since you are the one interested in this topic.