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Help. my xbox 360 wireless AA batt acid melted the ground wire connection on the controller. need help to make a new one Answered

i have wireless xbox 360 controller, and using the removable AA battery pack. ( not the rechargeable closed solid battery pack ) after leaving the AA batteries in for a long time, the acid leaked out and actually melted the GROUND wire that is soldered to the PCB of the controller. i tried soldering a new wire on, but i'm guessing the point where the wire goes no longer is suitable as the controller still wont turn on. is there another place i can run the - (negative) part of the AA batteries on the PCB as im confident the normal place the ground wire goes to is screwed..... i was thinking can i connect it to the place the rechargeable battery pack connects to as it seems that it doesnt touch the same connectors as the AA battery pack. as the rechargeable pack has those small copper flat pins on the back of it.. which one is ground, can i use that connection? any help would be appreciated. photos of the place i can make my new ground connection would really help.... you can email me at tristan@platinumav.tv if you like, as i may not be able to check this site very often due to work. thanks for ur help all! Tris10


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11 years ago

I don't have an answer but the comment sure showed up fast.