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Help needed for english in a lab Answered

I need some help with english in connection with scientific work in a lab and things like that.
I am able to speak english nearly fluent in normal conversation but on special subjects i am lost.
I am studying chemistry and a few days ago, when i had to talk to a lab assistant, who didn't speak german(my native language), I thought something like 'WTF is that thing called where you store volatile compounds and where you do the experiments etc.'.
It would be nice, if you could tell me some words for common lab equipment and phrases that are essential in a chemistry lab, especialy for the case that something goes wrong.
(well of course i also need a short explanation if the meaning isn't obvious)

Thanks in advance.


Josehf Murchison

6 years ago

Labs are bad for custom equipment and terminology.
They will say EPC and mean Explosion Proof Chamber.
They will say things like work under the hood when the hood is an air exchanger to remove volatile or dangerous chemical vapors.
Just try to explain what you want in terms of what it does.
You could tell a coworker you need a bullet trap for a 357 magnum and they might tell you to use a snail.
Just ask they could mean a Savage snail bullet trap invented by Ron Coburn or they could mean one of the 100 other different coil type bullet traps.
If you are in a good lab they will measure you lab skills not your English.


7 years ago

You should be need Google translator.

GoodhartThe Ideanator

Reply 8 years ago

sometimes it doens't help much. If you can't "phrase it correctly" google can be a bit cumbersome (although BINg is many times totally worthless).

For instance, besides the question here, the links I got googling his question amount to this: 
Bad breath: testing yourself....

Layman's guide to crystal growing...

  Pop Sci article:   gas for your car....

Not very helpful...but,  with a more informed search one can come up with ones like this one on Labware (scroll down to see the links to the types of labware).

I am available to help. I have a wide variety of experience, and I am married to a science nerd! We are both available to assist if needed.


Reply 8 years ago

thank you, lemonie, i think that will help me allot.