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Help needed on FLL robot Answered

Hi guys, this year is my third year that I am going to be participating in the First Lego Leauge. (btw, we are using the ev3 sets) This year, my team (of 3) decided to build a car based robot. I have designed the steering mechanism and it works, and I have made a basic chassis that links everything together, and I am using 2 big servos for power(rear wheel drive), they will drive in sync, and a medium servo to control the steering, and since I had to mount the medium motor in the back, I used a driveshaft to control the steering at the front. My problems are 1)  whenever I program the medium servo to turn right, it suddenly goes out of control and goes full power to the right forever, and skips gears in the process, breaking the motor. I have tried using it outside the robot, and it works fine. 2) I am not sure if my design is a good idea, and if I should stick with tank drive. This years map need speed and precision, and the car steering lends itself to both of those, but, its unreliable, and the tank drive is not quick and not precise, but reliable. So, I need your guyses opinions, do you think I should stick with the car steering system or not? And why?


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6 years ago

If the servo works fine outside I would suspect interference from your drive servos or the electronics itself.

Unless you have a flaw in your programming that is.

Adding limit switches to kill the steering servo might help to save some money too.

And getting a bit of structure into a posting makes reading so much easier for everyone...