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Help needed to build a circuit board for a capacitive touch pad with LED's learning aid. Answered

Hello, I am looking for abit of help. 

I am creating a capacitive touch system with blue and Red LED'S that light up when touched.  This is for a friend who has a disabled child, and it is going to be a learning aid for them.  

So I have 2m of blue LED's and 2m of red LED's attached to x8 AA batteries. I need to create x2 capacitive touch pads that are 20cm x 20cm and when the system is powered on the Blue LED's are lit up then when either of the pads are touched, it changes the LED's to Red LED's on, and blue off, so it basically switches between red and blue as you touch either of the capacitive pads?  

I can create a custom PCB board using PCB WIZARD 3.5 but I dont know what has to go where? Or if you can just buy the PCB board that does this from sumwhere?? I have stripped down a TOUCH LAMP and see if has a pcb board in it, and it changes the light from off>>low>>medium>>high>>off (so it must be possible)

Could you please let me know if there are boards I can buy that do this? Or do I have to get one custom built? Thanks for your time  



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9 years ago

Your best bet is to go to www.picaxe.com

The microprocessors have touch input and a very helpful forum that will get you started.