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Help needed to install small remote listening device in to a child's battery operated toy Answered


I'm new to this site, I need help in installing a small remote listening device (simcard type) into my child's toy, I already have the device and the toy which I'm going to use, the toy is battery operated, I just want to know how I would connect both items so listening device receives power from toy batteries. Listening device dose have its own power supply but it runs out of power after a few hours.

can any one help


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8 years ago

First step is to determine what voltage your listening device requires. How many batteries does it use and what type. Look on the battery for voltage usually 1.5v or it could be a 3v battery. The batteries may be wired up in series or parallel so see if you add up the voltages or just take one. Similarly, figure out the voltage your recipient toy provides. If it is the same, you can just solder up new leads from the power pack to the other. If not, you have to figure out how to increase or decrease the voltage with needed circuitry and may want to implant a bigger separate battery pack for your listening device. Good luck.