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Help needed to make a model spinning teacup ride Answered

Hi can anyone help me I need to build 2 model amusement park rides, the first one a ferris wheel this has been sorted out however the second one is a spinning teacup ride which I have no idea where to start with it.
I have looked on the internet for ideas but no such luck. The spinning teacup ride has to be built out of cardboard and recycable items, this ride needs to include a mechanism that is housed in the structure. Has anyone built a model like this. Where can I find some help with this. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need help Please!



3 years ago

did you figure something out?

I would attach a disk to a windup music box mechanism. The disk would be the floor of the ride. Through the floor, I would mount axels to small wheels (Lego?) or water bottle caps. One axel and wheel per cup. The wheel would be under the floor, the cup would be attached to the top of the axel. I would make a cardboard skirt to hide the underside of the floor. On the inside of the skirt, I would attach flaps of cardboard so that when the floor turns (after being wound up) the wheel comes around and ride up A flap to cause the wheels to turn (in theory). That is how it works in my head at least.


Reply 3 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion, I did figure something out will post the model that I made in a few days time.