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Help needed with designing/building lights-and-sound gadget for magic trick Answered

Hi guys,

I'm hoping someone can help direct a complete newbie. I'm a magician trying to build a gadget that looks like a steampunky-science-device. I'm working on a routine like this one:


If you go to the 09:00 mark you'll see it in action. I bought the instructional DVD from the man in the video which supposedly includes instructions on making the gadget, but although he explains the flash-paper-ignition part clearly he doesn't even touch on how to make the lights and sound.

I'm fine with woodworking, soldering etc. but I have no clue what pieces I need to buy to make flashing lights, squeally squawky adjustable sounds etc. If anyone can tell me what parts I need and how to string them together, or where to go to find suitable instructions, I'd be very grateful.


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4 years ago

Well a multivibrator and some flashing lights...

Plenty of info through Google on how to make a speaker humm or how to fake a Geiger counter...
Same story for making one or more LED's flash apart from the fact that you can buy flashing LED's directly.
Even these star wars light sabers for the kids do pretty much the same...