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Help out with a Solid relays idea and make it an Integrated Circuit design? Answered

Hello,  I have been tinkering with the idea of being able to press 4 buttons in a or any sequence and have a set of LEDs light up showing which button was pressed first, second, third and so on. I was able to do this with plenty of solid state relays (kinda like a 4x4 matrix of relays) and four switches I can turn on various LEDs (1 thru 4 for each button) in each row to signal which button was 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th. But what I would really like to figure out next would be to this same thing but with an IC or some kind of micro controller but I have no idea where to begin because most of my research to do this so far has taken me nowhere...people have lots of ideas on the Game show type buttons and lights deal but not for what I am doing. Game show just shows and locks 1 button and like and I need to be able to make connection between which button was pressed in what order.  Any help or further direction would be great.


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6 years ago

Rig up buttons to a computer keyboard. An arduino interfaces easily to capture the keypresses and can light up the corresponding LEDs. It might be a little more complicated in coding if your situation is fast enough to jam multiple keys down to confuse the arduino. Good luck.