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[Help question] Funai W4D-D4180DB of "ATX Power Supply" convert Answered

Now I can be understand about a DVD Players (+12V) anyway -> youtube.com/watch?v=dtRIzy2j2xs (Not my Clip,Just I watched this.)
But I had a problem about a Addition (or maybe not) but I will be had of a Motherboard detail question about a Volts:
When how are be possible to start without a "+44V" problems of a ATX's pins...?
When I do be had a Good think that will be (maybe,but I doesn't be had a sure) possible of a 34-to-20pin convert because that's can be work. (Stock power supply of Combo Recorder are be a 35W of 230V) - but maybe Connects are be questionable anyway...
In Photos:
1. "PSU" write signet detail of Motherboard for Help respond'
2. Motherboard (If you want of a Volts Detail, then I will be can a upload addition photos)


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