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Help requested for purchase of components Answered

Hi. I'm a newbie to embedding but I have a project that needs this and there is no commercially available solution that I can find so I need to learn how to build it myself. This can and will be done in modules... I figure I can tackle one task at a time until I end up with a complete working system, but use the system in the meant time, as I get it completed.

The main goal is for an electric motorcycle conversion dashboard,  which will include a password protected relay switch "ignition key" to power the vehicle on securely (Task #1), a user configurable display to show speedometer, odometer, tripometer, clock, battery pack voltage, motor rpm/temp, controller temp, coolant temp, etc via a waterproof rugged tablet (probably a Windows 10 tablet, probably with an Android emulator installed).

I'm finding that there are so many different options available, I don't know what to purchase. I want to spend my hard earned money wisely and just buy what I need the first time. Instead of learning the "hard" way, I want to learn the "smart" way.
Please help me get started.
Thank you in advance!


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3 years ago

All depends on how good you can use a search engine like Duckduckgo or Google.
A tablet is a bad choice, especially running Windows.
You simply don't want to wait a minute or two until something happens ;)
Embedded systems are the way to go here.
You might have luck and someone already did something very similar and you can use it as a base.
On the other hand it can make sense to fully start from scratch AFTER a good research, thinking and another research to confirm your thoughts.
Let's get you going a bit on this one:
You need a display but also a way to receive user input.
Being a bike means that must be possible with gloves.
A screen that can handle this woul be quite big unless you use very buttons and a lot of menues.
A better solution might be to use a small OLED display and some physical buttons together with the electronics in one case that gives the shape of your main console.
This way you use a simple Arduino or Raspberry and create the code you need.
Thanks to modules it is quite possible to "outsource" a lot of complicated coding by using the right module for the job.
Like instead of using a temp sensor and do all the temp tables and calibration details in your own code you can use a module for a dedicated probe and just add the supplied code to your project.
You can even iclude a fingerprint sensor this way quite easy.

If you want to the tablet route you will have a hard time getting what you need unless you are really good at coding for Windows/Android/IOS...