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Help to change the potentiometer of a Voltage Regulator Module Answered

I get a Voltage Regulator Module but the potentiometer of 10K has a small rash between 5V-14V and I hope to can change it with another one of 1K.


Jack A Lopez

Best Answer 1 year ago

I suggest looking up the data sheet for this, what I am guessing is a, linear voltage regulator.

That is, the three-terminal IC, with the big heat sink on it, on the right side of the board.

From the picture you have provided, it is kind of hard to read the number on it, but it looks like, LM317, which is a well known, linear voltage regulator.

Anyway, my suggestion is to read the data sheet, and this will give you some insight into whether or not you could substitute a 1K potentiometer, in place of a 10K pot, in the little feedback network, that allows this gizmo to sense, and thus regulate, voltage.

You should also consider the size of any fixed resistors, on the board, that are a part of this feedback network, because, you know, that's part of the math.

gmoonJack A Lopez

Answer 1 year ago

Certainly the POT in the picture is linear, as it's labeled "B10K".

Maybe the 1K is a typo...


1 year ago

As long as you put 9K in series for a total of 10k..
In olden days we used to put a couple of drops of Carbon Tetrachloride to clean that pot rash in a few turns..