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Help to make a self watering drip irrigation system (using an air well+gravity pressure drip irrigation) Answered


lately I have become interested in DIY drip irrigation systems and have begun building one myself.
The I started thinking:" wouldn't it be great if I didn't have to manually fill up the tank?" and remembered that there was already a very low tech way to get water: the air well!!
Well, why not put the two things together?
The air well collects the water and then this is distributed to the plants through the drip irrigation system.
Obviously people have already thought about this (here's a link to a great project http://www.bustler.net/index.php/article/airdrop_irrigation_wins_first_prize_at_2011_james_dyson_awards/), but I was thinking if there was a way to build something even less technological, i.e. with no pump (I would rather use gravity instead) and no special condenser, but rather something made from recycled/easy to get parts.
After all I don't live in a desert, so a less efficient system would do just fine.
It's just so that I don't have to carry heavy buckets of water to quench the thirst of my synergic garden.


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