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Help uploading a disk to a usb drive? Answered

I have bought a usb wifi adapter for my raspberry pi. The problem is that the drivers that come with it are on a disk. I have tryed a few ways of uploading the disk to a usb but they have all failed. I have had the usb to wifi running on my windows 7 computer (the raspberry pi is linux). I have a spare usb that I dont care about to transfer data.

I have also tryed to get drivers online but these have not worked.

Any ideas?
Thanks, David.


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8 years ago

The problem is your are trying to use windows drivers on a linux platform. You need to go to the adapter's web page and see if they have linux drivers for it. If not you'll have to ask around the linux community to see what generic WiFi drivers will work with your adapter. If there are none then you'll want to ask around for what USB wifi adapter would work best with a linux platform.