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Help wanted for new filmmaking show! Answered

We're making a show about filmmaking without a budget, but we need your help! Email us at zerobudget@mulliganmedia.net with your ideas for the show and, (if htey're good enough) we will answer them! All we need is a suggestion, a tip or trick - a technique you would like covered or a special effect you would like to see created. 

View the latest episodes at http://mulliganmedia.net/zerobudget 

Thanks heaps for your help! 



Reply 9 years ago

 That's our aim - maybe not to one up them, but to at least add to the mix.


Reply 9 years ago

Maybe you could do some stuff with green-screening and the technique to integrate actors interacting with animation like Roger Rabbit or special effects like Godzilla terrorizing a city and people running from falling buildings....what about the Hitchcock falling into a spiral technique?

I never had the time to use Wax, freebie special effects.  Zero budget.


9 years ago

How do I get the camera and sound equipment for zero budget?