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Help with 6DOF robotic arm? Answered

Hi, I am building a 6DOF robotic arm for my final school project and i need you help

I have an arduino and i have to run 6 servos with it i have a joystick shield on my arduino and was wondering what the best way to power the servos is. Should i get a servo shield, or seperate board? Also i have a 360º servo in the base and when it spins left it instantly stops when i let go of the joystick but when turning right it does stop but it stops smooth.

I thank any help you can give me and english is not my first language.

PS.: if you want i can send pictures.



4 years ago

Which stop do you want ... Quick or Smooth ?


4 years ago

Your servos need 5 - 6 volts at a reasonable amperage.

Your controller supplies a control signal to them.

The power is best provided by a separate power supply with a common ground to the controller.

servo feed.jpg