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Help with AutoCadd Drawing Answered

I’m working on a project for my dad for his 70th birthday that consists of building a puzzle box. The box takes 6 separate moves to open the compartment. I had a company laser cut all the pieces as everything has to fit together like Lego. There is one key to the box and 40 keyholes on the outside, 95 hidden keyholes for a total of 135.
Problem is, when the pieces were laser cut, the keyholes ended up being too small. I need to adjust the keyholes and I don’t have access to a CADD program ( I had my dad draft up the original document without him knowing what if was going to be used for). If anyone can help with this it would be greatly appreciated. I will probably make an Instructable of the box once it is complete, after my Dad has figured it out. Cheers.


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