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Help with Bluetooth Music Receiver Answered

Hi everyone.
I have this problem I don't know how to solve.
Recently I bought a Linocell Bluetooth Music Receiver to plug in my car.
I wanted to rip away the battery and make it to turn on when I turn started the car.
The problem is that the On/Off has two functions:
1. The obvious On/Off function (holding the button for 3-5 seconds)
2. Search mode (holding the button for about 10 seconds)

How and what do I modify for it to work the way I want?
I can upload a picture of the circuit board if it helps.



5 years ago

Thank you Downunder35m for your answer.

The device has its own soldered 3.5mm cable that is connected to my cars 3.5mm AUX input.

The device is also connected to the cars 12v socket.

I am going to cut away the battery so that it turns off whenever I turn off the car.

It is the turning on that is the problem. How can I make it to start automatically when I turn on the car?


Reply 5 years ago

As I said, you need a little timer that gives a signal to replace the button-push-action.

There will be a connection that has power to ground on the switch and one that has not.

A transistor at the output of the timer would "bridge" the connection the same way the switch does.

I really think using a device that powers on and off automatically would be easier than to modify this one you have.

There are even sealed units available for the use on boats that have RCA laeds to connect and simple USB powered devices for under 10 bucks.


5 years ago

There is no simple solution as the one button has different functions.

To get it on or off with the ignition you need a timer that replaces the button or in fact one that operates twice.
One starts with the ignition for the 3 seconds to turn it on, the other starts with the state change from ignition on to off.

If these signals are connected to the switch input it can be still used manually for the search mode.

Although I fail to see the point in the exercise as there enough BT receivers available that turn on with power and don't require such "hassles".
Not sure if it is worth messing around if a suitable device can be bought for a few bucks.
So maybe it would help to actually specify what the device does and how.

I mean for example:

Does it connect with an audio source over cable to send a BT audio signal the the car radio?
Does it connect by cable to the radio and receives the audio input over BT so it feeds a radio without BT?


5 years ago

Some pictures of the guts of the Music Receiver