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Help with DIY quadcopter Answered

For school im building a quad copter. I was thinking instead of wiring all four motors and all that stuff that I could purchase four of the same helicopters, glue them on, and set them to the same frequency so I control all four helicopters with one remote



Best Answer 4 years ago

Uhm, pretty sure that won't work. Even if fully and perfectly synced it wont work that well as Quadcopters move around by slightly reducing the speed of 1 of the rotors causing it to tilt in the desired direction, I don't see multiple helicopters work unless you can carefully control their main rotors. even the tiniest tilt/imbalance will cause it to speed into a direction. If you thought quadcopters are an easy thing to build without some skills then you may be dissapointed.

Many Quadcopters rely on sophisticated systems that carefully keep everything in balance, an Accelerometer would be used to detect if its tilting undesired and a controller would react to it by carefully tuning the rotor speeds. There is a reason it took so long before quadcopters became the mainstream hobby drone they are today!


4 years ago

Up and down might work, if you could set each heli's idle and rate of thrust speeds exactly the same, however I dont think it will be achievable.

None of the rotation forces would work because of the mass of the other 3, so no forwards or backwards nor left and right.

A mini heli flies as a result of an interaction of 3 forces so its a complex 3 force device, the quad flies as a result of 4 x single force devices which are cpu controlled to achieve the heli flight patterns.