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Help with MAX232 Serial Converter troubleshooting? Answered

ok..long story short..

built this Instructable: (minimal Arduino on poerfboard,.  w/ blank Atmel)
I put this on a breaboard instead


I then installed Arduino IDE, as well as WinAVR/avrdude

I tried to build a parallel programmer:

but it didnt work.. (not sure if it because of WinAVR?avrdue setting?  but command line AND flashing bootloader through Arduino IDE did NOT WORK..

AVRDUDE gives this response:

avrdude: can't open device "giveio"

avrdude: failed to open parallel port "lpt1"

pinout for parallel programm was as follows:

PP     ATMEL  (pinout)
1    -  19
2    -  17
11  -  18
16  -  1
18  -  GND on breadboard***

no clue even Ive asked and googled.. couldnt find a 'real' solution to this..
so I looked around..and I found a couple MAX232 chips laying around..figured Id use these to build a Serial Converter using this tut:

I this all set-up on my breadboard: (pics to check what Im doing wrong)
*******(the images shows the vRegulator moved over 1 pin..it has been corrected but after pic was taken)




I have checked the vRegulator portion..  I have a cap BEFORE the regulator  *bridging GND & output*

and I use my meter to check that there is, in fact, 5v coming from it..  and there is...

HOWEVER...  the vRegulator gets SUPER HOT, SUPER FAST!...

if I dis-connect the pin 16 form the  chip to the ++ then the vRegulator does NOT get hot...

once I bridge it.. instant HEAT..

so is it something I have done wrong in my diagram?


vRegulator not show in diagram here;;

in this diagram.. as soon as I hook up the V++ to pin16 on the chip.. and the cap..etc  something is wrong??

I 'do' have some FTDI cables coming from China for a few bucks.. but this is ONLY for sketch uploading...correct?

I also have a true Arduino Due coming as well... but hate waiting weeks when I want to play and get started now!

Any help is appreciated..   Im new to all this, so be nice!  LOL

thanks gang!


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