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Help with PicAxe USB drivers? Answered

I just bought a Picaxe usb cable but im having some troubles instaling the drivers can anyone help? AndyGadget???




Best Answer 10 years ago

The file you download is a .zip file whereas the installer is looking for an .inf file. What you need to do is to use Windows Explorer to open the zip file and then you will see the files inside it. Select them all (ctrl/a), then copy and paste them to the folder where the zip file is (ctrl/c , ctrl,v). You will then be able to browse for the driver in the place you expect it. Post back if you PC can't open the zip file, but if you've got XP or later it should. The installation process will ask for the location 2 or three times as it installs the different functions of the adaptor.


10 years ago

Errrr. . . Hi! Just back from hols.
Have you used the drivers for the AXE027 downloaded from near the bottom of the pageHERE? The installation instructions are in the zipfile. (Windows 7 isn't listed but it works perfectly.)
Exactly where are you having problems?


Answer 10 years ago

Im having troubles finding the driver after I save it. (When windows asks you you to browse files to find the driver) the folder I save it in will show up the the driver wont any ideas?