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Help with Stranger Things costume lighting Answered

I’m working on a costume of Stranger Things season 1 living room with a string of lights signaling letters of the alphabet. I’m looking for recommendations on a string of lights to purchase that can be programmed in a sequence by the bulb. Ideally, it would be best to have them old fashioned looking and battery powered. This costume is for a 10 year old. Any advice is appreciated.


Jack A Lopez

5 weeks ago

Wait? You want a small, T-shirt sized version of the Stranger Things electric Ouija board alphabet wall?

There are number of implementations of this out there. Most are wall sized, but I suppose if you understand how these work, you could make a smaller version.

The one that sort of came to my mind was the one using Neopixels, because those are individually addressable, and can be connected in essentially one long string. Although I think that string actually consists of 4 wires in parallel.

This one came up in the top of the search,


when I asked DuckDuckGo to show me,

"neopixel stranger things wall alphabet"



6 weeks ago


You could for example use something like this for the basics.
Then replace the matrix with 10mm LED's in a suitable frame.
Standard LED lamps for home use often come with a nice, round "bulb" replacement - they work great to catch the light from a 10mm LED at about 10cm distance.
Gives you a "light bulb" diameter of about 6-7cm each.
This approach however requires some basic soldering skills and the use of datasheets or a multimeter to replace the small LED matrix with a big one.

All other approaches would, sas said, be costly....


6 weeks ago

I make sets and special effect props for a living and am working on this myself for a client, and I can share that I don't believe there's any inexpensive or simple way to achieve all of the details you are looking for. Addressable LED strings exist, but don't have the big bulb appearance you are looking for. If you don't need the bulbs to actually spell something out, you'll probably have better luck creating a reasonable representation with lights that flash randomly. I'd point you in the direction of using the recently available "Christmas light string" necklaces for the bulb-shell for parts (or simply as-is). I've been going over a myriad of ways to create the effect, and none are particularly inexpensive or remotely simple. Good luck!