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Help with Video Brochure IC Answered


I was given a video brochure the other day and I have taken it apart to see how it works. I think it could be useful for a future project but I am very amateur.

I'm trying to figure out how to access the storage on the device but I cannot seem to find any information. There was another post on indestructible for a similar IC that said press play or pause 4 times. It does not seem to work.

The back of the board says


A_ V 1.9 LLE 0402


If I can't access the storage, I might try to re purpose the screen. It looks like a pretty standard connector ?

I have attached a photo of the Board with a few notes.

Any help would be much appreciated.



17 hours ago


I just received a similar video brochure with the same controller and display, but it appears to be for a different client mailing as the buttons are programmed a bit differently.

K10 - Pause/Play
K9 - Video 2
K8 - Video 1 (default play)

The speaker and magnetic switch are the same, and the USB connects to an older style Mini USB port. When plugged into a PC it charges the battery, but does not allow access to the contents. I have tried various button presses, both by itself and while plugging in, and have not been able to identity an option to access the video files or programming.

Would love to find a way to re-purpose this so it doesn't just end up in the landfill.


14 days ago

It wouldn't suprise me if those 4 pads are for a USB or FTDI connection.....