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Help with a deleted folder on an iPod? Not sure if it's deleted or lost or what? Answered

My brother accidentially deleted a folder(full of word, works, and rich text files) of his that was on his iPod. He said he never say the "do you really want to delete this" window and that he pressed undo (he says it said undo copy) and it didn't do anything. Apart from that he says he didn't do anything, he just unplugged it. He also says that there is no more free space on his iPod than before he accidentally deleted it. We've tried recovery programs and search programs and nothing helps. Nothing we use even recognises that it was ever there. The only evidence that the folder was there is that it is in the recently accessed list, but nothing else.


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9 years ago

Have you tried resetting it? Usually that solves 90% of problems with iPods. Just hold down the top button on the scroll wheel (menu) and the center button for like 10 seconds. If you have a touch, I think it's the screen button and the home button... Never had one though.