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Help with a game system mod? Answered

I'm buying a sega game gear to mod. I want to add an a/v input without using the tv tuner accessory. Is this possible? I cant find it anywhere online, but i did find a pinout and it seems possible. I know i could connect the audio to pins 44 and 45. Would it work if i connected the video in to pin 43? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

1 +34(V) liquid drive                                        24 MREQ memory request
2 +5(V) +5(V)                                                    25 A10/TPR2 address
3 /WR write signal                                           26 /RD read signal
4 A12 address                                                 27 /EXM 2 0~7FFFH
5 A7/CL1B3 address                                      28 A15 address
6 A6/CL1A2 address                                      29 A11 address
7 A5/CL1B2 address                                      30 A9/TPR1 address
8 A4/CL1A1 address                                      31 A8/CLIA3 address
9 A3/CL1B1 address                                      32 A13 address
10 A2/DW address                                          33 A14 address
11 A1/DO3 address                                        34 /EXM1 8000~BFFFH
12 A0/DO1 address                                        35 +5v +5 volts
13 D0/DB data                                                 36 /M1 M1 cycle
14 D1/P3 data                                                  37 IORQ I/O request
15 D2/P2 data                                                  38 /RFSH refresh
16 GND D ground                                           39 /RESET Reset
17 GND A ground                                            40 CCLK Clock
18 GND D ground                                           41 GND Ground
19 D3/P4 data                                                  42 /GG MS/GG
20 D4/P1 data                                                  43 /TV TV Cart
21 D5/CL2 data                                               44 TVSNDR VR Right Audio
22 D6/DO2 data                                              45 TVSNDL TV Left Audio
23 D7/DO4 data


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9 years ago

That TV cart is tv OUT I believe...


Answer 9 years ago

No its tv in. you can use a cable to plug in game systems via rca. Theres some videos on youtube that show this. But there is a mod where you can make an output and play on the tv.