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Help with a small LCD display? Answered

(Refer to picture below)

I've got this watch, but due to space restrictions for this particular project I'm doing, I can't mount it as it was, it's kinda too thick.
Can anyone offer ideas as to how I could make a good electrical connection to those black pads on the LCD screen? I don't even know what they are made of (...graphite...?). I can find old ribbon cables from other LCD displays, but I dunno how to connect them to this.

Thanks in advance


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Best Answer 9 years ago

The contacts on the screen are made to just sit on the copper pads. You won't be able to solder any cables to them. Though you could try gluing the cables on. But if the glue gets between the wire and the contact it won't work.

Another option would be making your own circuit board with just the contact pads and pads to solder a ribbon cable. The screen could then snap onto that board and the ribbon cable can link it to the driver board.


9 years ago

The pads are carbon impregnated rubber so they conduct. The connection is just a pressure connection with the PCB pads under the display.

You could make a PCB to replace the pressure pads and solder wires between that and the original pads.