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Help with an SMD circuit Answered

Hello. I am trying to make something on my car that involves putting an array of orange SMD's in a big circle, one on each side of the car. Every circle has about 85 ish SMD's, how should i connect resistors,and which ones? Can i put them in groups of 10, and put a resistor between each? I have to conect them parallel. Thanks for the help


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1 year ago

Check the datasheet for the LED's.
Put as many in series as you can without going over 13.8V - this is the max your alternator should provide.
For example using 2.2V LED's six in series would equal to 13.2V.
For this series connection you then need a suitable resistor based on the current draw of a single LED, usually a 1/8 or 1/4W resistor is plenty here.
If you need a long lifespan, than add one more LED to over the 13.8V.
Here the LED's get slightly less then max power but in return will not fail too early.