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Help with an instructable based on xAMP/WAMP server and Arduino? Answered

Hey friends! I and our friends are working on this instructable for our school project. : Using fingerprint sensor for time attendance in combination with xAMP solution                   But i'm a beginner in arduino and want someone's help. I posted to the author but i think he is also new to instructables so he seldom comes online. Anyways. So there are many things i want to learn. Plz someone help me.
The project we are working on will first enroll the fingerprints of students (atleast 50-60 in a class of our school) and then upload the data to the xAMP (or WAMP) database. And there will be 3 pairs of 7 segment led mounted on a board like given in the image, which will display the real-time data of Present and Absent students. First i want to know is this fingerprint sensor compatible with the program given in the above instructable, because it looks a bit different from the one adafruit.com and comes without jack and wire. Also im unable to download the registreer.php file given by the author and i dont know how to use it and the sql file.
At last is there a way to use serial or bluetooth communication instead of wifi to make this project because it is going out of our budget.

Plz help anyone. i will be very obliged. thanks in advance..... :)


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4 years ago

If you are making this project on a local server, then you can simply use the processing app (download it from processing.org)...and in this particular case there is no requirement of wifi module with arduino...and coming to sensor ...yes it is compatible but too costly... any working fingerprint sensor will be compatible so buy the cheapest available...for sending data to your wamp server...create a text file in your project folder...