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Help with building a motorized floor? Answered


I'm in the process of designing a workshop for our backyard. Due to building restrictions imposed by the city I will be limited on how big the finished building will be. I'd like to know if anyone has some information on what it would take to build a motorized expandable storage building? Basically I'd like the walls and floor to move out so there would be space inside while to work in. I would then be able to pass inspection but make the unit bigger inside so I could actually have some floor space to walk into it.




1 year ago

Better to build a secret sub basement..


1 year ago

If you are in my area you will loose anyway ;)
Here they take aerial pics every few weeks by one way or another.
If they would see your expanded construction they would come back for a check and maybe fines.
Still like the idea though :)

Have a look at drives for big roller gates.
A lot offer a drive that works with a long flat "sprocket" - sorry no clue the correct name.
Literally the same principle like on the mountain trains in the alps.
Unlike roller door openers they can move hundreds of kg with ease.
Use your phantasy to mount it whichever way you see fit ;)
Another low cost option is boat slides, they are from plastic and mounted on boat trailers to reduce the friction and prevent damage.
Nylon, teflon, no clue but durable and very slippery.
One side of a track with that stuff, a polished steel or brass plate on the other side and things can be moved with a motor from an electric scooter.
Last but not least you can put the extension on rollers and use spindle drive systems to move it....


1 year ago

Brilliant Idea, though I can't offer much insight. Really like the thought of it.

Start by "How big", how much weight will be in it. How to waterproof and insulate the roof bit ? If you have a good ceiling height, I can see how you might do it.

I wonder how the sealing details on RV bump-outs work ?