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Help with building an off-grid solar powered greenhouse Answered

Hey All! 

I've been wanting to build an autonomous greenhouse (a growbox, frankly) in my apartment, as a proof of concept to build a real one in a place where is difficult to get energy to. I've some experience in building things, I know my way around a solder and given a schematic, I can pretty much do what needs to be done, but I have almost zero technical knowledge on the why the parts go where they go.
My real question is if there is an instructable here that I haven't found that would allow me to build something that works like an alternator, that would allow my battery pack (4 unprotected 18650) to power the arduino controller when the solar panel isn't outputting energy enough and to recharge my battery pack when the solar panel outputs enough energy to power the arduino with some surplus (that would go to the battery). In case the battery pack is at full capacity, the excedent would be directed to a another output (that I would most likely not use, or would use something to drain that, like led strips or something). If there isn't an instructable, any site with this info would be nice. I also could use lots of Instructables (or outside sources) to build the thing. I tried to search for it, but english is not my first language, so I don't really know how to search for this.

I don't know if I was clear enough or if this is the right place to ask.
In case there's need for more info, just ask me, please!

Thanks in advance for all of you who makes this community awesome!



Answer 2 years ago

To power the arduino (which will be the greenhouse controller) and its acessories (humidity/temperature/moisture sensor, pumps and fans)


Answer 2 years ago

In general you don't need to get complicated with growing things, you may, depending on where you live and what you grow, need heat in the winter but other wise passive ventilation control systems are available to control summer temperature.

I find that my green house needs so much weeding and tending in the summer that I visit more or les every day and open/close the vents as required.

you may be in danger of over engineering this.

Sensibly programmed a micro processor will run for weeks on battery power depending on how much the actuators are used. However what I said earlier still stands.