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Help with circuit design! Univeristy design project Answered

I'm a University design student creating a new safety goggle that causes the tool you are using to cut out unless you are wearing your safety goggles and I need help designing a circuit that could demonstrate the way in which it could work as I have very little experience with circuits myself.

For the product I am envisaging:

1- the tool is be plugged into a box, which in turn plugs into a wall socket.

2- the box connects to your safety goggles via Bluetooth

3- when wearing the safety goggles, pressure sensors behind your ears help identify that the goggles are being worn rather than being left on the side or on the ground

4- the goggles communicate that the pressure sensors are activated to the box you plugged your tool into and it allows the tool to work

5- if you take the goggles off, then the goggles tell the box that the pressure sensors are no longer activated and the box breaks the circuit to prevent the tool plugged into it from working.

Any ideas on how I could build a circuit to demonstrate this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you



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