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Help with corrupt illustrator file needed? Answered

My illustrator isn’t open, I suppose it was corrupted, how to solve it?


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Best Answer 6 years ago

Apply next instructions, which you can find at –


< Open the AI file you want to repair.

< Choose "Object" and then choose "Path."

< Choose "Cleanup." (Note: Empty text paths, stray points and
unpainted objects will be deleted.)

< Choose "Paste Remembers Layers" only if your AI file
contains multiple layers. (Note: This option is available from the Layers Panel

< Drag a marquee around all of your artwork in the file by using the
Selection tool.

< Choose "Edit," "Copy," and then choose

< Choose "New," "Edit," and then choose "Paste
in Front." (Note: "Paste in Front" will place your artwork will
mirror the damaged AI file's).

< Choose "File" and then choose "Save." If your file
is still damaged, continue.

< Make a copy of the file and give it the same name except add the
"C1" to the end of the title. (Note: You can choose any other letter,
number or other word to differentiate it from other versions.)

< Open the first copy version, select one art object within the file,
and then delete it.

< Save the file and add a number "C2" at the end of title to
differentiate it from other copies and then reopen the file. If your file is
still damaged, continue.

< Repeat steps 10 and 11 until you can identify the object that is
causing the problem.

< Delete the damaged object when you find it and then re-create it by
using either the drawing tools, reestablishing a link, or by changing or
replacing the font of damaged text.

Latest instance, which you can use it, is Illustrator Repair Kit

Free version of tool:- http://www.illustrator.repair/