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Help with fire concrete/ forge making Answered

Firstly "Hello all", I am a long time lurker, first time poster.

With that out of the way, I am gathering materials to make a small gas forge to cast some bespoke jewelry for my lady wife.

I know there are lots of instructables regarding the process, but all seem to contradict each other in some way.

I am going to use Fire Concrete as the lining as I got 2 tubs super cheap, and the pot says to increase temperature slowly over 4 hours and fix cracks that appear which is simple enough. Guides that use fire concrete just say "when its ready" then fire up the forge, but I dont know how to get it to the ready stage, do I need to fire it slowly over 4 hours or just cure it over night?

And those that use quikrete say to bake the forge for several hours, but as I am using fire concrete do I need to do that or not?

From what I have been reading around I cant do too much to mess it up, but I do need help with understanding how to cure the fire concrete




Best Answer 4 years ago

I have not done anything with the mix although I was thinking about making some of my own firebrick to replace some broken ones. Anyway one thing that comes to my mind where you could run into trouble with is any residual water left in it. Water when it gets hot will turn to steam and steam can cause lots of pressure. So giving it time to cure and then slowly heating it to allow the steam to escape sounds like a practical thing otherwise you could have divets pop out of it.

Many years ago when I was doing more camping type things a group I was with made a campfire ring with some rocks and some other stuff we thought was clay pipe. I have no idea what it actually was but after heating for several hours it exploded sending fire everywhere and some big chunks of stuff. It apparently had a lot of water in it that turned to steam. So my lesson learned was if its going to get hot make sure its dry.


4 years ago

Follow the instructions that came on the bag/container.