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Help with idea: Reminder device for correcting posture Answered

Hello. The reason:

I have terrible posture trouble (as many people do) and my work as an artist often leads me to spend a lot of time sat in out of the way places in fairly un ergonomic set ups.  It is hard to remind yourself to sit up straight while you are concentrating on something else and I often find that due to my absorption I have been sat slouched over a painting for hours at a time and now have a terrible back and neck ache. I don't think buying a brace is the way to go as that only solves the problem while you are wearing it and you stop using the muscles that keep you upright which over time worsens the problem.

The Idea: So the perfect solution would seem to be something light that you can wear that will monitor your posture and either sound a little buzzer or even give you a little zap to remind you to sit the hell up thus slowly training you to sit up straight as a matter of habit.

The only thing i could think of  is some kind of simple device with elastic or string you can attach to your waste, shoulders and back of the head that when you slump forward would pull on the string and sound the buzzer. I have no Idea how to make such a thing and would value other peoples thoughts on the matter and any technical no how.


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8 years ago

I think the same concept is applied for those "don't fall asleep at the wheel when driving" alarm things. You could go all out on the sensors attached to various points or just go with a pocket clippable device that just senses your tilt at a certain degree. The solution can be as simple as a calibrated tilt switch to using accelerometers with an arduino.or getting sensor input from flex stretch sensors applied to clothing or skin. Have the computer send a taser jolt to the chair when people tweet your website. Set a timer for those stretch breaks. Paint a giant sign that reminds you STAY CALM and SIT UPRIGHT. Post a picture of a hunched over accountant - do you want to look like this in a few years?