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Help with noob to cnc Answered

So I'm totally new to cnc and would love to be able to build a CNC router just looking for some advice please, iv looked through most of the instructables and iv got some grate ideas on how to go about the build I'm just off a little with the electronics, are all in one control board any good or is it better to keep control and driver separately, iv found one board in particular that's got my attention Any help would be much appreciated thanks



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1 year ago

On a hobby level it comes down to what you can program and handle.
On a pro level it only matters if you can afford what you need.

In most cases a simple 8-bit Arduino will do and there is plenty of projects out there to choose from.
Unless you are into 3D printing check what you find for GRBL.
Tons of Arduino based things for both 8 and 32-bit platforms.
On the controller side it only makes sense to look for hardware once you know the software of your choice works with it.
Additional hardware support should be considered right from the start!
Take the controller from your pic as a bad example:
It is very old style tech that requires a LPT connection to a PC - good luck finding a PC these days that still has the port, let alone software that works on Windows 10 ;)
A modern controller should offer connections for a LCD display, manual controls and WiFi/SD.
Basically all half decent GRBL, Marlin or otherwise Arduino based CNC solutions offer this.
Last but not least part is what type of code is supported for the machining.
For the board in your pic I wouldn't have a clue but the above solutions work with standardised G-CODE.

The question of seperation is not vital unless you really want to go big or heavy duty.
Arduino based stuff works with so called shield, they mount on top of the controller and provide the connections for motors ad such through their hardware.
However this only works for normal NEMA motors and with moderate power requirements.
A CNC system using servo motors or a direct DC drive system would require dedicated motor controllers.
Here there is not so much support in the Arduino arena and it would make more sense to opt for a proffessional solution in terms of controller board.