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Help with programming an arduino hexapod with 18 dof? Answered

I have just finished designing and building a hexapod with 18 DOF..  powered by arduino nano and a 32 channel servo controller. i need help with code.  
So far, i have'nt even stroked a keyboard to start programming. truth is, i dnt know where to start, im new at  this.
If someone is willing to help me start if of or send me sample Code that would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advice.



Best Answer 5 years ago

To expand as I have now read your original post - If you wan to learn coding then start simple.

Really simple.

Start by lighting a few LEDS, add a few switches to the system to trigger events

Add other sensors you may want to use. In this way you discover how to do the code in small bites which teach you something every time.

Trying to go very complicated all at once is a route to failure.

See my answer below re flow charting.


5 years ago


I STRONGLY suggest you begin by thinking about what the machine has to do, even down to writing it all out.

the build a flow chart 9see above link) this if done correctly will be much easier to turn into whatever code you need.

For a large part of my working life i designed process control systems for complex industrial processes. The hardest part but the most important part was to create a specification that described exactly what the machine had to do at every stage. We then flow charted this so we could study the flow of the program command and correct before ever beginning coding. By the end of this process the coding became an almost trivial task.


may help as well.