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Help with school project. Redesigning soldering iron for beginners. Answered

Hi guys,

 I am an industrial design student at the University of Alberta in Canada looking for some help for my project. I have been assigned to redesign a soldering iron and research on how to make this tool better with input from users in the specified market. In this case, I am looking for first timers or beginners who have just been introduced to soldering and gear my improvements towards their needs. My primary design goal is to lessen the learning curve by addressing issues of safety and comfort.

I have posted some questions as part of my research and would love the input. All input is welcomed regardless of skill level.
Thank you for your help!

Soldering Iron Design Survey

1. What is your experience and skill level? ( None, beginner, average, expert)

2. Which type of soldering iron do you use? The gun shaped one or the pen type?

3. In what environment / setting do you use it most? eg. workbench, kitchen table.

4. What were some of the needs you had for the too and were they metl? (Needs meaning minimum expectations, without which the product would be a failure)

5. What were some of the wants you had for the tool?

6. What were some problems you encountered when you first used a soldering iron?

7. Which aspects of a soldering iron besides functionality do you consider being the most important? eg. comfort, safety etc.

Thanks for your help!


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gruffalo child
gruffalo child

10 years ago

1 Average, maybe a bit more :)
2 Pen shaped one
3 An ordinary homework-doing table, or a wide wooden shelf
4 Properly shaped handle that isn't too hot, proper heat
5 A button on the handle that turns it on exactly for the 10 seconds I need it really hot, something (I don't know what) that prevents it from burning through the insulation, setting itself on fire and leaving the whole house without electricity when put on its own cable. No cable at all would be great!
6 It was a power one, so way too heavy and long for me then (and now too), and my granddad's workbench has a right-hand side mains supply, so I kept burning my elbows.


10 years ago


Pen type

need something to prevent tip oxidisation

An iron that turned off when in the rest and instantly heated up when picked up would be safer and great.

Startrek style laser soldering tool - I want one

Very hot air stream??

Something to de-solder multi connections effectively.


10 years ago

1 expert
2 pen
3 workbench
4 proper heat, non-oxidizing tip,
6 Not enough heat,
7 handle gets too hot, fumes get in my eyes