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need help with joining 6 speakers Answered

I currently need help in knowing how to attach 4 speakers and 2 subwoofer together while making sure it's portable. It also needs a mic jack plus a plug to be able to plug to a mp3 player or a smart phone. I think it needs to be powered by batteries as well?

It's for a cosplay costume i am doing that have speaker attached to it and since the costume will have my mouth covered by a mask, i decided i could actually make good use of the speakers to talk to people with a small mic hidden under the mask. But the thing is that i have totally no idea on how to do it, i have found some tutorials but it doesn't seem to match what i am planning to do.

It would be nice if anyone is kind enough to help me with this problem.

Thanks :)

Here is the image of the cosplay i'm planning to do:


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6 years ago

You need an amp. An MP3 player isn't able to drive the speakers on their own. I wouldn't go and put full sized speaker in that costume. That will add a considerable amount of weight to your suit. Plus larger speakers will require a larger amp that will need more power. Thus more batteries and more weight. Take a cheap set of battery powered speakers and put them into the suit. You don't need great sound quality and won't get good sound quality out of a setup like that without adding even more weight.


Reply 6 years ago

oh ok, i'm actually planning to get some cheap amp module and speakers to build but will have trouble in knowing where to link the wires to.

The speaker i'm getting are those small ones i find online.

The subwoofer i'm getting ( they stated it as a subwoofer but i think it's just a normal speakers?) have these functions:


Impedance: 4 (Ω) Power :10-20 (W)

and the smaller speakers which looks like these:


not very sure about the functions but it seems to need 2.5v to work and it's diameter is 3.5cm

the amp module i'm getting are these:




- DC: 3.6V-5.5V(recommand 5V, not exceed 5.5V, otherwise broke the module)
- With reverse polarity protection
- With blue LED power indicator
- With 3mm install hole
- Size: 28*36mm
- Output power: 3W+4W(4ohm)
- SNR: 90dB
- Efficiency: >90%

and another amp:



Power supply: DC (DC): 3.6v-5.5V
Output power: 3W +3 W (4 ohms)
SNR: 90dB
efficiency:> 90%
Size: 24 * 15.5 * mm positioning hole size: 20mm aperture spacing: 2mm

and this thing:


Output voltage: 12v

Plug Specifications: 5.5 * 2.1mm

I'm just not sure how i should link them together or if it's even possible to link all of them together to work. any advise on it?