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Help with wiring TIP31 transistor to run LED's on subwoofer? Answered

I am wiring LEDs to my subwoofer to sync in beat of the music, to stop the bulbs from blowing, i am thinking of wiring a TIP31 transistor to it and plug in RCA and 12v in to run it using a rca out to the actual amp,
in the attached picture please make sure i got all the wiring right and tell me if it would work
id get a bigger picture but it wouldnt let me, just use like browser zoom or open in paint


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9 years ago

You need more then that to get a set of LEDs to flash with the beat. You need to make a clap circuit. Here is a fun little video that walks you threw making your own clap circuit. It does a great job of teaching you about op-amps and how to use them. You may also want to check out the next video where he build a peak detector and adds that to the clap circuit. Giving you more control over how long the LED stays on when sound is detected.

In the circuit you can replace the mic with the audio output of your radio before it hits the amp. You may need to add some resistors so you don't blow the op amp. Look around for other tutorials or schematic of clapper circuits till you find one that fits your needs.