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Help with wiring a rgb light strip please!! Answered

Mokungit 50pcs WS2811 12mm DC5V Input Diffused Digital RGB Wire Cable LED Pixels Module String Light WS2811 IP68 Waterproof Addressable Dream Color Pixels Exposed Light String

This is the strip I got, and the controller has different colors!!
I just want to know the correct way to wire this so I don't mess it up!
Thank you!



2 years ago

And you think we are clairvoyant because??...


Reply 2 years ago

I still seem to miss the logic with that thing.
You need 4 wires for a RGB system, 3 for the colors and then common ground.
Are you able to trace the wires to the LED's?
If so then there should be another one (maybe just a solder pad) for the ground conntection.
The color of the wires does not matter much as you (in a normal case) would just connect them to the controller and if a color is worng switch them over.


2 years ago

DO NOT hook up your controller just yet. I think you have the wrong controller or bought the wrong set of lights to go with that controller.

WS2811 5V individually addressable LEDs use one digital line to the controller(Data In - blue wire then pass on the signal to the next with the Data Out) and power with +5volts and ground.

Your controller output is 12-24 volts with separate lines for R, G, B, and white. Those are for the analog controllers which pump out voltage to each color light or channel. You would probably damage a whole bunch of LED elements on that strip you have if you connect them.

The fix is to get either a different LED strip or get the correct controller.

And I hope you have the app that goes with that bluetooth controller.

Good luck.